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RealMeteo is an automated software designed for hotels and guesthouses, which allows you to expose to the public the weather forecast.
The best accommodation of the video with RealMeteo is in the Hall of the hotel, or in a place visible from the outside.
PC startup RealMeteo part alone, as it is totally automatic. Once programmed with forecasts desired, works without any need for intervention by an operator. For safety, it can also run on a PC that does not have keyboard and mouse connected.
And 'possible to program the predictions displayed, choosing from hundreds of: resources weather, forecast area, webcam, animated maps and more. E 'can be added to the forecasts, a webcam at your hotel or in your town. E 'can enter up to 10 images of your choice (hotel pictures, logos, messages), so you have a catchy media, which also advertises your business.
If you have no technical staff, you can ask the installation and programming of the software, which will be done by our operators via the Internet. The same applies to any future changes in the forecasts displayed.
Citing or attaching to the license request, a copy of this presentation, you are entitled to a period of 12 months totally free, with no obligation to renew.
Description of the plant:
- PC: personal computer of any brand, which is installed and running MS Windows (versions: 2000, XP, Vista, 7)
- CONNECTION: The PC must be connected to the Internet in any way among the available (Modem, LAN, Wi-Fi, Mobile Internet, ADSL, Proxy)
- VIDEO: LCD display of any desired size, connected to the PC at the highest resolution possible
- KEYBOARD AND MOUSE only required during setup, and then disconnected to taste
Costs of RealMeteo LICENSE:
- FULL-PROMO completely free for 12 months without the constraints of renewal
- PROFESSIONAL FULL-renewal 12 months 36,60 EUR
- FULL-HOME EDITION € 10.00 for 12 months (supporting member)
- FREE-ADVERT completely free, ad-supported weather interspersed with sequences
- Fully paid by you. On request we will contact a local installer for a quote tailored to your needs.
If you have technical skills can try RealMeteo independently, by downloading it from the site It 'also available PORTABLE version, which runs on USB stick without installation.
For inquiries contact information and clarification contact technical support:
Phone: +39 346.499.30.58
fax: 039 02.700.408.764
Voice box: +39

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