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NEWS: the BEST pictures of 2013 ONLINE visible with  RealMeteo  OPEN


We are looking for a distributor and / or installer of the area concerned. In addition to the marketing and distribution of the software, the distributor / installer would have an extra gain from the sale / installation / maintenance of hardware, consisting of a PC connected to the web and a video display large to fit in the typically HALL, available the public. In addition to this there is an extra gain derived from service and reprogramming of the software, to be made on request. If necessary, we can also provide the product with your BRAND if it may be of interest. In practice we are only interested in selling the software, because we miss of network that can follow customers in local hardware and programming. The fee is obviously indicative, and it all depends on the volume of business generated. The product is already at the top of google with the voice RealMeteo.

Download video clip about RealMeteo6
RealMeteo ...
is a friendly realtime interface that shows weather images. Realmeteo has a wide database of weather satellite image links. Many different places can be displayed in RealMeteo graphical interface. RealMeteo supports two modality: static images mode and animated images. Try for free!

RealMeteo is a very simple internet graphical browser. It is able to manage internet connection/disconnection in order to download when it needs all images selected. The time between two download can be set by timers menu. .

Doesn't need manual operations.
ReaMeteo is a programmable images engine. It can run in standalone mode. It is able to manage internet connection, images, downloads, connection time, slide show time without any external operations. When a download starts the internet connection is as fast as possible in order to save money. 

Run unconnected from internet?
When the SLIDE SHOW is running, there aren't any active internet connections, that is taken only to download step. See Connection box. Slide show can be customized adding the your photos. This RealMeteo feature advertises your business, company or other custom activities .


Show now the DiVX movie: RealMeteo at work 



Sign-up on RealMeteo forum LINKED-IN and get SUPPORT.


 DOWNLOAD NOW RealMeteo 7.8.1

Download now!

NEW ! ! !
RealMeteo PORTABLE is ready to download. It work on USB memory without install, on any computer!   --->MORE..

Dopo aver provato RealMeteo in modalità demo, ricorda di richiedere il tuo seriale di attivazione QUI

After Tested RealMeteo in demo mode,  sign-up for free and get your serial number to activate Realmeteo in Full Mode:  click here !


What is RealMeteo ?
It is a friendly realtime interface that shows weather images. Realmeteo has a wide database of weather satellite images link.

 HOW and WHERE RealMeteo can be used?
RealMeteo installed on a PC connected to internet, can be a public meteo point, useful in Hotels, commercials, holidays, roads, communities places or where you want. etc.

Zone of maps
Realmeteo has a wide database of weather satellite images link. Many different places can be displayed in RealMeteo graphical interface.

Registration area
To get a try license sign-up on REGISTER area and get automatically unlock code

Realmeteo can run at every power up or reboot of the your PC. In this way keyboard and pc can be put in a safe place. The only thing to see is the monitor (screen).

Very very easy to use. When a black-out happens doesn't matter, RalMeteo saves its latest setting then it will start without any external operations.

Put Your Picture/Image/Logo
You can put/add in images show list a yuor customized image. For example; business logo, your restaurant, your boat,..... If you take a photo, you will add that photo in images slide show list. This feature can be useful to advertise your activity, business, or you wish.




RealMeteo ricerca rivenditori-installatori.
Vendi RealMeteo sul tuo sito web, o installa il programma presso hotel, alberghi ecc, e guadagna 10euro/mese per ogni licenza venduta/rinnovata ai tuoi clienti. Per informazioni contattaci.

RealMeteo is looking for dealers and installers.
 Sell RealMeteo on your web site, or install the program, hotel, hotels, etc., and earn 10 euro per month for each license sold / renewed your customers. For information contact us.
RealMeteo está buscando distribuidores e instaladores.
 Venta RealMeteo en su sitio web, o instalar el programa, hotel, hoteles, etc, y ganar 10 euros al mes por cada licencia vendida / renueva sus clientes. Para más información contactar con nosotros.
RealMeteo est à la recherche pour les concessionnaires et les installateurs.
 Vendre RealMeteo sur votre site web, ou d'installer des programmes, hôtel, hôtels, etc, et gagnez 10 euros par mois pour chaque licence vendue / renouvelée à vos clients. Pour plus d'informations contactez-nous.

RealMeteo ist für Händler und Installateure suchen.
 Verkaufen RealMeteo auf deiner Webseite, oder installieren Sie das Programm, Hotel, Hotels, etc., und verdienen 10 Euro pro Monat für jede Lizenz verkauft / erneuert Ihre Kunden. Für Informationen kontaktieren Sie uns.




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